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Posted in Trout Fishing by Jim Williams on July 25, 2013 2 Comments

Having spent the weekend past in the company of great friends and a few thousand strangers at the recent CLA Game Fair, twas to a more solace environment today in the absence of tuition, I say absence… more a cancellation for poor Robert Brown who was unable to make it due to the forecast of thunderous conditions and howling winds that were to ensue.

Never the less I ventured to the river in the afternoon and set sight on areas tempered by foliage.

River brown trout fishing

Not a jot of disturbance here… glass like waters hide a billowing tree line.

River brown trout fishing

Having tempted only one fish to a rise I could see how disdainful they seemed to any offering I might choose. Fed up with their pedantic nature and unwillingness to play I thought I’d just go hard at it and make the darn blighters eat … or annoyed!

River brown trout fishing

I could see the fish readily, many were just sullen and holding station in very shallow water, either tight to the margin or in more open shaded areas.

An opportune moment to share the set up having just slung it into a tree: my dreamy 11ft #2/3 weight, a TTF indicator straight off the line then a 4ft straight through tippet attached to…

Set up

…this chunk of big stuff. A weighted emerger in a #12.


Very short line nymphing tactics, spot the fish, wade in very gently until within a rods reach, slowly does it… and plummet said fly no more than two feet above it upstream.

I was not in a patient mood, up and at them!… many of which ‘up and offed’.

Others however were beguiled, the first to succumb to a more brutal approach.

Brown Trout

And how they fell.

Brown Trout

Some super hard fish.

Brown Trout

Basking shallow water dwellers were the target, I barely felt the need to touch deeper pockets.

Brown Trout

The same gun firing the same bullets… all afternoon.

Brown Trout

One would think it was a day for being delicate and serene, not today, I’ll be more brutal in future

Brown Trout

What a day for stirring the loins… superb.

Brown Trout

So tomorrow brings yet more sunshine and stuffy evenings… I’m enjoying it, except for the stuffy bit, wouldn’t mind a bit of rain though as it feels like a wee freshen up wouldn’t do the rivers any harm. Enjoy your fishing all.

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