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Posted in Other Stuff by Jim Williams on September 2, 2013 6 Comments

Moving On

There’s been a severe lack of blogging recently so I thought I’d just throw in an update to let you know that I’m still alive and well… I think!

Having spent many years relying upon mother nature to be kind enough to allow me to continue teaching and guiding the many friends and clients I’ve had the privilege to spend time with over the years past, I’m now returning to more stable employment. I’m no longer at the behest of the weather gods to determine my fate per se.

From October I’ll be looking after the Vision Fly Fishing brand throughout the UK & Ireland… and I can’t wait if I’m honest, a new challenge.

I’ll still be teaching and guiding off and on but obviously not as often as in the past so apologies if our paths don’t cross sooner rather than later.

This blog will also take a bit of a back seat as I’ll be posting more readily on the Vision website blog instead… would love to see you there so please follow here, I’d very much welcome your company along the way.

Thanks to everyone for the support and especially you who’ve followed this blog… it may return in the very near future so beware!

Till then…

Best & Better ~ Jim

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