Tis a blowy one…

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20+mph winds, finger busting temperatures… the pains we’ll go through just to chase down a girl!

Warren close quarter nymphing, to attempt anything else today was totally futile.


Thermally cocooned…bbrrr… think fish, think fish!, Richard on the bank changes his set up.

Jim & Richard

…that change of leader proved to be the answer (Bin that Chameleon stuff mate)

Old Muvver Richard grabs his first… thankfully more were to follow as a result.

Richard & Grayling

Persevering with light nymphs and hunks of shot paying dividends… five overly keen trout in and at last a grayling, just what we’d come for, twas going to be a fine afternoon

Jim & Grayling

just nymphing & watching for the bump…


Super fish, feisty and fighting fit


Master fisher Warren hot on the heels of some silver stunners

Warren & Grayling

This pewter beauty his finest and the best of the afternoon


Grayling fishing at its best, and in the best of company… till dusk and on


Same location tomorrow with Paul Lewis so hoping for a similar bumper day.

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No rain… just frost… please!

Posted in Grayling Fishing by Jim Williams on December 2, 2012 3 Comments

An early morning and an eerie presence as we make our way through the wood…  

River Itchen

………A presence of which is……………………………………nothing less than a welcome one…

River Itchen

River Itchen

…for on the other side is the river Itchen, a picture of colour and deception.

River Itchen

Deception because the river is still ludicrously high, much of which is unfishable… at least today.

In the upper reaches however where scuba gear was less of a necessity, past riffles had become steady glides, turbulent waters were now even more so, and there was not a jot of fly life to be seen.


Only one option would therefore prevail today… upon the nymph we rely, and deep.


Richard with the ‘P’ rig fishing the seams of this torrent successfully tames a fish


John high sticking and prospecting above gravel bed


James into his second fish, unfortunately both have been trout. Nymphing in such conditions makes for species discrimination nigh on impossible.


Today was tough, the reasons why you wouldn’t fish it out weighed those as to why you would. Never the less fish were caught and lots learnt… more over the banter, p### taking and general merriment made the day that much more enjoyable.

River Itchen

This morning was lovely and snap cold crisp, it’s how I like a grayling day to be… just need to ensure the grayling know this the next time.

This week I journey up to Cumbria, firstly to meet up with John & Tony to do some Vision stuff and discuss next year which is exciting, then it’s grayling on the Eden with Paul Procter, Tony Riley & Ian May… God forbid the weather holding, this’ll be third time unlucky otherwise.

‘Go get some grayling’ ~ tight lines all.

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