Easter weekend pleasantries…

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A wonderful start to the Easter weekend, time out at Bossington with Gilly Bate and Ian May. Gilly has helped organise a charity event with over 200 invited guests for a day of birds, guns, dogs and fishing within the estate on the 13th April…

Today was an opportunity to spend time going through our demos… Gilly and I in front of the Manor.

Bossington with Gilly Bate

Ian May turning through a double spey on the Test directly in front of the Manor House… heavenly.

Ian May

Working through presentation casts on the manicured lawn… and this ended up being what exactly?

Jim Williams

A little ‘Spot the difference competition’… no prizes for this obvious one.

Jim Williams

Jim Williams

Did you spot it?… of course you did… the hatching fly, it wasn’t in the first picture.Annoyed

Jim Williams

The way the best of Easter days are meant to end, tea and hot cross buns.

Gilly & Jim

Vision are apparently bringing out a range of underwear, soon so I’ll have a full set Winking smile

We’re almost there, but not quite yet so as to ply my trade on the rivers and enjoy the search for brown trout once more. With that in mind I joined Warren today on our stretch of the Wylye. We’d not seen it in such a while, for no other reason than that of the great flood and appalling weather of November through March in the year 2012 – 2013… you may recall it.

We were pleasantly surprised to see how she looked… the ground work laid down last year paying off.


Not all however, perhaps a gardening buff can tell me what’s happening here… it may be normal.


The real excuse, Warren’s dismissed his Micro 4/3rds and gone all SLR. A New Nikon (Get you)

Warren McCarthy

There were no plans to do anything really other than look, but we couldn’t resist it. A section of the bank was eroding so we took it upon ourselves to find some of the best of mother natures materials with which to shore it up.

When the 4×4 counts, moving it otherwise meant hernias of epic proportions.


Now we’re ready to roll…


And roll it we did… down the bank and into position, stakes and pins in place… a problem sorted.

Now looking forward to seeing the habitat drawn to it and the hope it doesn’t float off downstream.


Still one more day to go before the season opens here in deepest, darkest Wiltshire. Thankfully a season that will draw nearer by an hour tonight as the clocks go forward to signify Summer ‘officially’ ~ laugh, I nearly soiled myself.

Tight lines & Happy Easter all, have a great season where ever you are… ke-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-p fishin’

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Afore ye go…

Posted in Grayling Fishing by Jim Williams on February 12, 2013 1 Comment

A last foray on the river before shooting off to do some Dogging in Canada (oooh matron!). Joined again by David Cunningham twas to the Test we descended, our last trip although eventful was tough going on the Itchen in conditions I can describe no better than totally CARP!

Today was an afternoon of wonderfulness, all be it on still yet another darn freezin, grey, overcast and damp mother of a day.

Klink and dink was thy tactic, very much similar to a day out with Paul Lewis last week who although saw much success, everything that pretty much nailed his fly was trout as opposed to the elusive silver gems we were otherwise banking on.

This GH emerger imitation seemed to nail all that gazed upon it, whether a welcome species or not.


David… lurking and working the marginal drifts and current seams

David Cunningham

Ker-plunk!… it was but perseverance and only a matter of time

David Cunningham

before we hit trout… god forbid


After plucking a few of them initially, we were only too pleased to see this split dorsal cutie


The grayling played just hard to get, they didn’t seem as on it as the trout wanted to be… for every willing grayling there were 3 or 4 trout to contend with first. A result of being speculative no doubt… 

David Cunningham

Utter steam trains though… David’s #2 being put through the mill

David Cunningham

again and again

David Cunningham

Thankfully amongst the multitude of trout we did get some worthy grayling and although not matching weight pound for pound, they certainly felt like equal sparring partners.

David Cunningham

An aerodynamic missile in any other guise


Some of the more welcome marauders we’d come to target.


A superb day that made up for the frustrating one on the Itchen. Thanks David as always, now to cut it short and go pack dog things, thermals and camera stuff… and on… and on.

The weather to come in Prince Albert (Canadian Challenge Race Start)… truly tropical


Catch each and all at the end of the month, unless I find wireless and blog you to death with how the Dogging is going… tbc

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